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The Shuttle F.A.Q.S.  Answer Question 15

How do I find you at the Airport?

Please note that if you have a reservation for a pick-up at the airport, this does not mean a vehicle will be waiting at the curb for you when you arrive.  Due to security considerations, airports do not allow vehicles to be lined up at the terminals.  However, our vehicles are waiting close by in a holding lot just minutes away.

1. Once you have your luggage and are ready to walk outside, call our local number 508-543-2657 or 888-515-5512, let them know you are ready.  They in turn will direct you to our pick-up area at you respective terminal.  (each airport and terminal is different, so it is important that we speak to you)

2. The Shuttle will be dispatched from the holding area to pick you up, along with others who have been assigned to your vehicle.

3. There is a short wait time for your vehicle to travel to your terminal.  The actual time varies depending on the airport, the volume of passengers, the number of terminal stops, airport traffic and weather conditions.  Our office will be able to give you more accurate information when you call with your luggage.

4. As soon as the vehicle arrives at the curb, you and other passengers will be promptly boarded, and you’ll be on your way!

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